Pick Up

❗ When you save a Graphic, CLICK the Graphic, THEN save it ❗

This is the Pick Up page, where you can find out if your graphic(s) have been made!

❗ If your graphic hasn’t been made past 2 days after order, it means we are on vacation, or are busy with something. ❗

Last Cleared: Friday, November 11, 2011


Flyer’s Banner – Wwebestfan


Flyer’s Buttons – Wwebestfan







Flyer’s Site BG – Wwebestfan


Warrior’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan


Tacticalcat’s Buttons – Wwebestfan

Tacticalcat’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Tacticalcat’s Banner – Wwebestfan

Tacticalcat’s Header – Wwebestfan

Vetsd’s Buttons – Wwebestfan

Vetsd’s Banner – Wwebestfan

Vetsd’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Cul’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Cul’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Albert417’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Albert417’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Puffle’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Slip’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Infinity’s Banner – Wwebestfan

TacticalCat’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

TacticalCat’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

TacticalCat’s XAT Avatar – Wwebestfan

TacticalCat’s Header – Wwebestfan

Mark’s Header – Wwebestfan

Andromeda4’s Twitter Avatar ~Wwebestfan

Janda’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Daleboxtel’s Header – Wwebestfan

Adster’s CSS Header – Wwebestfan

Camperjohn64’s Header -Wwebestfan

Camperjohn64’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Camperjohn64’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Camperjohn64’s Custom Penguin – Wwebestfan

Camperjohn64’s Buttons  – Wwebestfan

Camperjohn4’s Banner -Wwebestfan

Alfrondo1465’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Chris’s Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Surf’s Header – Wwebestfan

Surf’s Custom Penguin – Wwebestfan

Unknown’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Unknown’s Header – Wwebestfan

Unknown’s Banner – Wwebestfan

Unknown’s Custom Penguin – Wwebestfan

Cent’s Outer Chat BG – Wwebestfan

Cent’s XAT Avatar – Wwebestfan

Flames370’s Header – Wwebestfan

Applejack’s XAT Avatar – Wwebestfan

Daleboxtel’s Header – Wwebestfan

Rjse’s Header – Wwebestfan


Yourdj’s Header – Wwebestfan

Roberto’s Custom Penguin – Wwebestfan

Roberto’s Buttons – Wwebestfan

Breezewind’s Header – Wwebestfan

Breezewind’s Xat Outer BG – Wwebestfan


Breezewind’s Banner – Wwebestfan


Breezewind’s Custom Penguins & Xat Inner Chat BG – Wwebestfan


73 comments on “Pick Up

  1. Alyassa1′s Avatars? You didn’t order right… So I made 2 things-Wwebestfan.

    If you’re talking about my old graphics site I quit doing that and I didn’t really get what it meant, so…. By the way thanks.

  2. Hey when are the rest of my Graphics gonna come in I’ve been waiting weeks on weeks for them I promise that if they don’t come in soon I will never use you again! (and yes this means I’m mad, very mad!)

  3. @DonaldMeissner: Sorry that you have had to wait weeks, but Wwe I think has been the only one making GFX, it’s probably hard on him to make everyone’s GFX that they want. You may have not wrote it write also.

  4. Wwebestfan, I have to admit this, but these look EPIC! I have just ordered a header, chat background, and buttons, and I hope they look epic like the ones up there! I am so excited! Oh, and can I add you to my site? It’s an army called Burner Troops, and here is the link:

    Reply back if I can add you to my site!

  5. Thanks, Wwe. Will my chat background and buttons come tommorow? Please reply back if they are.

    (P.S. The header looks EPIC!!!! I can’t wait until I get home and put it on my site.)

  6. Wwe, can you erase my header? Because this guy named Flame copied my army, header, and even my NAME. Like, what the fuck? 😡

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