Away & Staff clean out

Hey guys,

          First off, I will be away for a bit. I am at my Uncles and Aunts cottage in Quebec until about Sunday or late Saturday. Luckily, they now have internet here…

That means, I won’t be able to complete your graphics until I get home, be patient, I promise I will finish them right away when I get back.


Last, but not least, there was a Staff clean-out.

That means I got rid of some staff, mainly the ones who we’re inactive (which never made a graphic for anyone before here), or just aren’t really good at Graphics as I thought. I got rid of 3 people I believe, those people are:

  1. Purple Slime
  2. Aninjaboy
  3. Aggron

and I think that’s all.

If you want to sign up for this graphics shop now… you need to be almost pro at gfx, and know how to do these in your graphics:

  1. Outline (around your text, not Glow)
  2. Gradient (Instead of just a plain club penguin room, or just plain colored text)
  3. Brushes (for effects and crap)
  4. Glow (to put around text, and around penguins)
  5. Cropping (Making a penguin transparent, stuff like that)
  6. Opacity (Make something sorta fading away, or lighter/disappearing)

and I think that’s mostly it… I’ll add more later if I forgot something.

Keep learning.




I will Start Working a lot now.

Hey everyone.

So you’ve been coming to  or commenting on the Pick Up page, and asking me “When will my order(s) be done?” Like I said, it can take up until 2 days until ONE ORDER IS FINISHED. Then it says;

If your order is not finished within 2 days, it means we are busy, or are gone on Vacation somewhere.

I was busy, busy with DCP.

I will start being more active now since the Legends Cup is over for DCP. Don’t keep asking me when they will be done.

Bye for now,


Save the Graphic right

Hey everyone.

You have been telling me that your header hasn’t been fitting right… That’s why you aren’t saving the whole thing.

To save the actual Graphic, you got to CLICK IT then SAVE IT.

Not just see it on pick up page and save it from there… you gotta actually click it for actual size.

2,000 hits!

❗ 2,700 hits! ❗

Hey everyone,

Yes, didn’t take us long to get up to another +1000 views… WE’RE AT 2,000 !

Let’s aim for 3,000 views


1,000 hits!

❗ 1,900 hits! ❗

Hey everyone,

I came onto my Graphic shop (CPGS) Club Penguin Graphics Shop, and it had 1,000 views already! Thanks everyone for visiting and ordering graphics! Let’s aim for another 1,000 😉

Keep learning,


–One of the best Graphic Designers around–

Layouts/Designs are now here at CPGS!

Hey everyone,

Yes, Layouts/designs are now here, here is a few examples:

If you want one of the above, already made, just link it on the order page, and ill remove the Watermark so you can use it. Or… you can get one specially made for you. Order here .

Happy Ordering,



CPGS Welcomes Darrenkinz

Hello everyone, you might have herd of me. Ive been playing club penguin since 2 months after it opened. Almost a beta. But i’ve been working with graphics for about 3 years now.  Currently i am 14 years old and working at my own graphic shop making people happy. Wwebestfan and I go way back when i hacked his email. We are past that now are were great friends. So yep, That’s pretty much all the information your getting out of me. You can check out my website at the links below

//Website \\

By Darren

Sign Up

Hi everyone,

The Sign Up page, where you can sign up to work at this graphic shop, is now up.

You can go to this page by clicking Here .




Hi everyone,

If you like or support this gfx shop, please spread us around to all of your friend, and post our banner on your website. So we can get more known throughout Graphics.

It would be a BIG help.


Head Graphics Maker