We’re coming back, sorry for delay!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay’s in the last couple months or so, saying that we would be coming back, but now we actually are. We probably won’t be as popular as before, due to not as many people in warfare any more, but it’s worth the chance, and the time.

We will be getting a domain, and a CSS, ON THIS SITE! 😮

I will buy the domain, while Pungy will buy the CSS. 


The domain will probably be end up being bought on December 28th, somewhere around their, and the CSS may be around their also, depending on when Pungy has enough for it, which should be around that point of time.

Something’s new that will be happening:

  1. We will be giving out free website design, for your army (full website layout)
  2. We will be going to FREE GRAPHICS.
  3. more will be added soon…

Well, that’s a sneak-peak of it for right now.

Get ready!

-Wwebestfan & Pungy, Head Graphic Designers of CPGS


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