We’re coming Back||Under Construction||

Hello everyone,

The title says it all, I will be bringing back this former-epic graphic shop.

It will be a bit different then the last time when this shop was running. I had an idea of that this shop will most be used for people who need graphics for their certain Club Penguin army.

 ❗  For example:

If you want graphics for your army, you can just place a comment on a certain page that will be put up, that you need graphics for your army, and then I will give you my wordpress email and you will add me to your site and I can be your army’s “Graphic Designer” . Which means, I will make graphics for your army whenever you need it done.

I’ll keep you posted,



One comment on “We’re coming Back||Under Construction||

  1. Sso you will be Burner Troops’s GFX maker? 😀 I have sent a request for you to be added to my army. You can also be a leader if you accept the request! Reply back if you wanna be BT’s GFX designer!

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