Away & Staff clean out

Hey guys,

          First off, I will be away for a bit. I am at my Uncles and Aunts cottage in Quebec until about Sunday or late Saturday. Luckily, they now have internet here…

That means, I won’t be able to complete your graphics until I get home, be patient, I promise I will finish them right away when I get back.


Last, but not least, there was a Staff clean-out.

That means I got rid of some staff, mainly the ones who we’re inactive (which never made a graphic for anyone before here), or just aren’t really good at Graphics as I thought. I got rid of 3 people I believe, those people are:

  1. Purple Slime
  2. Aninjaboy
  3. Aggron

and I think that’s all.

If you want to sign up for this graphics shop now… you need to be almost pro at gfx, and know how to do these in your graphics:

  1. Outline (around your text, not Glow)
  2. Gradient (Instead of just a plain club penguin room, or just plain colored text)
  3. Brushes (for effects and crap)
  4. Glow (to put around text, and around penguins)
  5. Cropping (Making a penguin transparent, stuff like that)
  6. Opacity (Make something sorta fading away, or lighter/disappearing)

and I think that’s mostly it… I’ll add more later if I forgot something.

Keep learning.




2 comments on “Away & Staff clean out

  1. Thanks…I know I can only make Buttons and banners (I will be good at headers Only if my Damn Microsoft word screen will be wider)
    I work at Epical CP Graphics now.

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