Price page added

Hey everyone,

So yes, I finally had the time to make a price page and put it up, some things may be missing on it, so just be patient for the other missing things to be added.



P.S. New website theme.


The time we will come back at… 100% SURE.

Wwebestfan Edit: I have made a new header & banner, for the site!

Hello everyone,

Again, this is my 3rd time re-stating again… saying I will bring it back… but this time I promise… sorry for the last post. We will be back in like 8 business days (8 days out of the week not weekends) or so. When we get a domain, which I will be buying. I just have to wait for paypal to transfer the money from my bank account, again.



3,000 hits! Graphics updated.

Hey everyone.

We hit another 1k views, and are at 3,000 hits!

Like I said, let’s aim for another 1,000 and make it 4,000 😉

– — — – – – – – — — ——————————

Also, liking the new Graphics on the site? I know I do.

Bye for now,


Order Page Update & Other stuff

Hey everyone,

The orders page has been updated a little bit. If you go to the ‘Order’ page, on some of the different type of graphics, it will say: “Who you do want to make your (Graphic)? (Choices: Wwebestfan, Blake, Alex, Darrenkinz)

To know who you really want to order from, we will be making an edit on the Examples page showing some examples of the workers that work here’s, work.

I will also be making a NEW Banner for our site, something more better looking, because the banner we have now looks “Easy to make” to me.

Last, but not least, I will be putting up a Background for the CPGS.

I’ll keep you posted, keep learning.



Hey everyone,

I am now back from my “Vacation trip”, I will now start on the ordered graphics again.

Bye for now,